The Coolest Marketing Campaigns of 2019

best marketing campaigns of 2019

We’d like to wish you a happy new year by quickly looking back on some of the most interesting accomplishments of the previous year. Namely, we want to look at the coolest marketing campaigns of 2019.

Why look back at some of the most creative ways businesses sold their wares? For one, it just makes for an interesting few minutes of reading. But for entrepreneurs and marketers, it also should provide ample inspiration for you as you try to come up with your own jaw-dropping campaigns in 2020!

Apple Makes Us Cry … Again

One minute, we’re cozied up on the couch watching our favorite Christmas special. The next, we’re sobbing into our salted cocoa.

Apple, long known for heartwarming/heart wrenching holiday commercials, strikes again.

This year’s installment follows a family with two young girls traveling to over the river and through the woods to Grandpa’s house for the holidays. The harried mother continually shoves an iPad in the arguing sisters’ faces, presumably because it’s either that or kick them out on the side of I-80.

When they arrive at their destination, it’s clear that Grandma has recently passed away. As the adults wax nostalgic about the family matriarch, the sisters remain buried in the iPad, as children are wont to do. However, they’re not playing games; instead, they’re working on a very special surprise for the family.

Break out the tissues. (Or at least don’t say we didn’t warn you!)


If anyone was thinking “Man, I really wish I could send Mom a video of a half-naked Colonel Sanders gyrating with some fried chicken,” KFC has you covered.

Chickendales – a not-so-clever rip on the famous male dancing troupe Chippendales, delivered the goods in a Mother’s Day promotion that created customized videos for Mom. This campaign created buzz by sporting some interesting chicken-themed costumes, a few bowties and a lot of abs.

Cadbury Reminds the U.K. to Visit Grandma and Grandpa

Because the Apple commercial didn’t break us enough, Cadbury jumped into the “appreciate your elders while they’re still here” game with the “Donate Your Words” campaign.

According to Age UK, 225,000 elderly people often go a week without talking to anyone. (Feeling the need to call Grammie and Gramps yet?) Cadbury decided to draw awareness to the sad situation by selling their signature chocolate bars sans words on the packaging to remind people to reach out. A portion of the proceeds from each limited-edition bar sold went to Age UK. Teamwork in action!

Santa Re-Evaluates His List

It’s no secret that America is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Social stigma, combined with a less-than-amazing healthcare system that often fails the people who need it the most, leads to many going without the care they so desperately require.

But how does Santa fit in?

In a PSA by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Santa sits on a snow-covered roof and has an epiphany – maybe there’s more to children (and all people, in fact) than “naughty” or “nice.”

It’s a powerful message that draws attention – which is the goal of any great marketing campaign!

Feeling Inspired?

From sad Santa to a gyrating Colonel Sanders, 2019 was a great year for innovative advertising. There’s far more to successful marketing than “Here’s what I sell, please buy it.” Creativity will count more than ever in 2020, so it’s time to get cracking on your marketing plan for the coming year!

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