What’s New For Small Businesses on Facebook?

Like other social media platforms, Facebook is an important marketing tool for your small business. However, with approximately 128 million daily users and a great interface, the site is the caviar of social media. And now, thanks to some recent updates, Facebook is even easier for small businesses to use! Here’s what’s new for small businesses on Facebook.

High Quality, Licensed Images (For No Additional Cost)

Facebook has partnered with Shutterstock, one of the largest royalty-free image sites on the web, to bring you high-quality pictures for your ads. No more searching the Wikimedia Commons for the right image or taking images yourself…not that we would ever discourage you from doing the latter! (If you have the time, by all means do it!) Shutterstock images come pre-tagged and searchable straight from Facebook’s ad creation tool.

Promotions Just Got Easier

Promos are great for your small business, but Facebook made them a bit difficult in the past. A recent update now allows promotions from your timeline or within an app. Fans of your page can enter by liking or commenting on a post or messaging you directly, and Likes can act as votes.

Upload More Than One Picture

This has long been a big annoyance for many small businesses using Facebook, including us! In the past, there was no way to upload multiple pictures at once.

Upload. Wait. Upload. Wait. It was enough to drive a person crazy. Now you can create several different ads — with several different pictures — and upload them all at once.

App Bug Fixes and More

The Facebook page manager mobile app has always been a bit buggy. Facebook has fixed those annoyances and given us some extra bonuses in the process. You can now upload multiple photos to a post and tag people in the comments.

Facebook’s new changes should make social media for your small business a lot easier. But if you’re still a bit confused on how all it can benefit your company, give us a call or drop us a line. We’re happy to work through it with you!