The Mischa Difference

Your small business is unique — there’s no other like it. That’s at least part of the reason you started a business in the first place, right? Because you have a brilliant idea, and you want to make a living off of it. But to do that, you need people to know and love your business and its products or services. And to do that, you need a team of savvy, innovative and totally cool people to help make your small business really shine.

That’s where Mischa Communications comes in.

All marketing firms are not created equal — most of them try to put your business in a box. While a one-size-fits-all approach is probably easier for marketing firms, we’re not interested in what’s easiest for us. Our mission is to find what works for you – no matter how much blood, sweat, and caffeine it takes.

Reveal. Adapt. Inspire. These are the words the Mischa Communications team lives by. And with completely custom marketing plans designed specifically for your business, our approach to small business marketing can make a big difference!

Here are just a few ways we can help innovate your small business marketing:

Social media: It’s the wave of the future, and it can’t be ignored! We make your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages work in harmony with your business to engage customers, bring in business and keep your brand in front of people.

Website development: Do you have a small business website that reflects what you’re all about? No? Then you’re missing out! Our website designers create dynamic and affordable sites that capture customers’ attention and entice them to purchase your products or services.

Ideation: Need a one-on-one consultation or a full team brainstorm session to hash out your long- and short-term marketing goals? We help you unearth the rawest, wildest ideas and polish them into sparkling marketing initiatives. Whether you need a pricing strategy, product launch or even someone to spy on…err…check out your competition, we’ve got your covered!

Marketing: Any agency can get your product or service in front of a bunch of people. We get it in front of the right people. Our small business marketing ideas may not be conventional. They may not be “normal.” And you’ll be right in thinking we’re a little crazy. Because are! But our strategies work.

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean it should think that way. We believe small is mighty, and mighty doesn’t fit in any box! Let us help reveal, adapt and inspire your small business!