Turn Your Small Business Browsers Into Buyers

Your small business brand is strong and on point. Your products and services have been carefully designed, tested and honed to perfection. You’ve caught the attention of your target audience. Now all that’s left is to reel them in and get that final “yes!” you’ve been waiting for (and the cash that comes along with it).

But how do you convert a group of small business browsers into bona fide paying customers?

Promote Yourself

A great promotion can make even the most tenacious hold-out jump on board. Whether it’s a flash sale, buy one/get one deal or 50% off clearance blowout, a promotion will give your small business’ potential customers a reason to buy.

Be sure your promotion gets the attention it deserves by sending out email blasts, and featuring it on your website and social media pages.

Personalize Your Message

Your email subscriber list is more than just names and email addresses. Each entry represents a person with their own buying habits and purchasing power. Instead of sending out one mass email to everyone, take some time to tailor your message to the person behind the email address.

Have they purchased from you in the past? Thank them for their patronage. Have they abandoned their online shopping cart without making a purchase? Remind them that the item is still available and maybe offer a discount. When you start seeing people as individuals, it makes it much easier to connect on a deeper level – and connections often breed sales!

Host an Event

Whether it’s an in-store customer appreciation celebration or a swanky product launch party, there’s no better way to make a sale than to pitch your potential customer in person.

Invite the community into your small business. Shake hands, pass out marketing material and say a few words about your small business. Make it festive and fun, with games, giveaways and deals. Share your excitement about your products or services; enthusiasm is contagious.

Despite what many late-night television commercials would lead you to believe, no product really “sells itself” – that’s your job. When you offer deals, make connections and share your excitement with the world (or at least the neighborhood), that job becomes a bit easier.

Looking for more ways to get your foot in every door? Contact Mischa Communications. We’ll help you turn browsers into buyers!