Our 5 Best Holiday Marketing Tips for the 2019 Season

Holiday marketing tips

It’s officially November. The ghosts and goblins of Halloween have ceded to Thanksgiving turkeys and aisles filled with holiday decorations, from gorgeous to gauche.

The holidays can be a happy time, filled with friends, family, shopping and laughter.

For the unprepared small business owner, however, November and December can be a source of some serious stress.

Don’t panic! There’s still time to get your seasonal shopping game going. Here are some of our favorite holiday marketing tips to help you make the 2019 edition the best one yet.

Beat the Rush

Black Friday may serve as the official kickoff to the holiday shopping rush, but plenty of people like to get a head start, especially given the shortest holiday season since 2013 (the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas is six days shorter than last year). A survey from and discovered that 35% of shoppers have already started their holiday shopping.

Don’t wait until the pumpkin pies have been devoured to show off your holiday offerings! Beat the rush with exclusive “early bird” deals that cater to those forward-thinking individuals who have all of their gifts purchased long before it’s time to stuff the turkey.

Create Bundle Deals

What’s better than selling one product or service? Selling several products or services all wrapped up in a bundle.

This time of year, everyone is looking for more bang for their buck. Deliver on their expectations by putting themed packages together.

A bookstore, for instance, might offer a “bestseller bundle” that provides one bestselling book of the recipient’s choice each month for the entire year. A spa could put together a combo package with massages, spray tans, manicures, pedicures and facials.

Bundle deals are a great way to upsell your products and services in a way that makes the buyer happy to pay for them. Everyone wins!

Put Buyers on the Clock

When it comes to holiday shopping, the choices can seem endless. So much “stuff” is being shoved in a consumer’s face that it’s nearly impossible to make a choice at all.

One of the best holiday marketing tips, then, is to create a sense of urgency. “This deal is only available for the next 11 minutes and 52 seconds.” “We’re down to the last six products. Act now!” “Once the clock strikes midnight, this sale is gone for good!”

Putting, say, a countdown timer on a deal forces customers to make a real-time decision. And if they’re interested enough in your product or service, they’ll buy before the clock hits 0:00!

Have Fun on Social Media

The holidays have a way of turning even the staunchest Clark Griswold supporter into an eye-rolling Grinch. After all, we’re spending a ton of cash on other people, it’s freezing outside, and the local supermarket has had the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album on repeat for the last three weeks. It’s enough to break anyone!

Give your fans and followers a place to blow off some steam on your social media pages. While you shouldn’t completely eliminate all marketing efforts from your social media scheme, do your best to balance things out and lighten the mood with some fun contests and giveaways, holiday humor and engaging discussions.

Surprise coupon codes, holiday recipes or ugly sweater contests will keep your brand front of mind while giving people a break from the constant “Buy this thing right now” reminder they’re seeing from other brand pages.

Participate in Community Events

No matter where you call home, chances are good that this time of year will offer plenty of bazaars, festivals, tree lightings and holiday parades. Make plans to participate in a few (or all) of them!

Whether you’re selling your wares at a community marketplace or collecting money for underprivileged youth at a hometown festival, it’s all about seeing and being seen. Sometimes, just being present in your community is the best marketing you could ask for!

Talk to Mischa for More Holiday Marketing Tips

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, and from there, it’s an all-out sprint to the finish line. Don’t get left in the dust! If you hope to take home the gold medal for the 2019 holiday season, now is the time to start making your plans.

Did the holidays sneak up on you this year? It happens to the best of us! Time is running out, but Mischa Communications is on your side. Reach out today and let us help you make up for lost time.