5 Reasons You Need a Small Business Marketing Strategy

In this tough economy, it’s no surprise that companies are looking for creative ways to cut spending. In fact, some companies are going as far as eliminating their small business marketing strategy all together in an effort to conserve cash. However, this penny-pinching technique may actually be hindering your bottom line, more than helping it.

An integrated marketing program is vital to the success of today’s small businesses, for a number of reasons, including:

It differentiates you from the competition.

Let’s say you own a lawn care service in a town where there are 10 other lawn care services. How can you go about convincing local consumers that your business is superior to the competition? Enter your strategic marketing program. Create a visually appealing postcard or advertise on the radio to show potential customers the qualities that set your company apart.

It helps customers understand why they need your product or service.

What makes your products or service so special? Does it solve a particular problem, or cater to a specific need? Likely, your answer is, “Yes, it does!” If that’s the case, then you don’t want to keep it a secret. Your potential customers need to know how your company’s services can make their lives better.

It connects you with the right people.

A big part of business is reaching the right customes. For instance, you wouldn’t run a television commercial featuring decadent pastries and pies on a health and fitness network, right? Small business owners need to really think about their demographic to ensure the right people are being exposed to their marketing efforts.

It uncovers an untapped market.

Your business may be long established, and so it relies on the stability of repeat customers. But, have you ever stopped to think about the number of people who have no idea your business exists? This is where an effective marketing program comes into play. By reaching out to new prospects and introducing your services, you’ll be able to draw in a fresh crowd of customers.

It generates business with incentives.

Everyone loves a good sale, right? Offering discounts to customers on a regular basis will keep them engaged with your business. Post special deals or coupons on a social media site, like FaceBook. You can even give customers the option to sign up for your e-mail list, so they can stay in the know about upcoming events — like an end-of-season sale or new product/service launch.

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