Nice to Meet You! How to Get to Know Your Small Business Audience

small business audience

Your audience is your lifeblood. They back your products and services, talk you up on social media and (hopefully) make your bottom line bigger.

But do you really know them? Do you understand what makes them tick, and click? Have you taken the time to truly connect?

If not, it’s time to start. Mischa Communications has the tips and tricks to help you not only get to know your audience, but to capitalize on the stories they have to tell.

Identify Their Pain Points

Any product or service worth its salt exists for a reason. Why are your customers shelling out their hard-earned cash, and what can you do to convert your audience into paying customers?

The answer? Ask them!

“Product A solves problems B, C and D. What can we do to solve your problem?” Whether you pose this question on social media, your website or in an email or newsletter, the trick is to actually listen to what they have to say — then act on it to the best of your abilities.

If you run a tree removal company and your audience is asking for shrub removal as well, that’s something you need to consider. If you run a bakery and your audience is asking for gluten-free options, that’s also something worth thinking about.

Asking people what you can do better equates to free market research. And nothing is better than free!

Be a Social Listener

As a small business owner, you should be subscribing to plenty of social media feeds, both friend and foe.

Did someone tweet a bad experience with a competitor? That’s an opportunity! Feel free to swoop in and let them know how you could treat them better. Are people talking positively about your brand? Amazing! Take the opportunity to connect with them and reward them with a deal or two.

Just by actively “listening” on social media, you can better understand your own audience, and possibly lure people away from your competitors, too.

Do Some Keyword Research

If you sell “whatzits” but your audience is searching for “whozits,” you have a huge disconnect. You’re selling what they’re looking for, but they won’t find it, because you’re not identifying it in their language.

Keyword research is the … well, key. Don’t just use your product’s name; use all the alternative names, as well. If you sell shoes, determine whether your audience is looking for boots. If you have a lawn service, you need to know if your audience is looking for a landscaper.

Your audience can’t find you if you don’t reach out to them using their language. Plug your whatzits or whozits into a keyword research tool, search for similar terms and reap the rewards!

Ready to Begin?

When you’re ready to shake hands with your small business audience, Mischa Communications is on your side. Let us make the introductions! We can look at your existing strategy, make any necessary changes, and facilitate the (virtual) meet and greet. A simple call or email is all it takes to start the process!