4 Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Small Business Marketing

Twitter and Facebook are great ways to advertise your small business to the masses. But if you’re overlooking the social media platform most professionals use most often, then you’re making a mistake.

Whether you are looking for funding, new employees, or you’re just out to build a bigger network of small business owners, LinkedIn is your go-to social media platform.

If you’re looking to put this social tool to use in your small business marketing efforts, here are four tips for leveraging LinkedIn.

1. Gain Exposure

LinkedIn’s search feature makes it pretty simple for people to find you, but you can increase your prominence by joining groups relative to your industry.

Someone looking to hire a great cupcake baker for her wedding reception might not know your small business by name. However, by joining groups related to catering and wedding planning, you’ll become far more visible to the people already looking for your services.

2. Show Off Your Expertise

Do you have satisfied customers? Ask them to write a LinkedIn recommendation! By posting real word-of-mouth referrals on your page, you’re showing potential customers that you’ve already got a fan base …and thus worthy of their patronage.

Word of mouth goes a long way toward reassuring people who are on the fence that you’ve got what they need.

3. Ask (Or Answer) Questions

Being a small business owner isn’t always easy. Sometimes, problems pop up. (That might be the understatement of the century…) A solid LinkedIn network means you don’t have to face your issues alone. Ask for help in one of your LinkedIn groups – chances are good that someone else has a solution to your quandary.

Conversely, if you’re an expert in your field, help someone else out by answering relevant questions. Show your LinkedIn network (and theirs!) that you’re a leading authority in your industry. Expertise goes a long way when people decide who they want to do business with.

4. Scope out the Competition

If you want to stay on top of your game, you’ve got to know the other team inside and out. LinkedIn helps you keep an eye on your competition. Network with your competitors, keep up with their blog posts, updates and recommendations. And while actively luring away customers is considered bad form, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly one-upmanship!

LinkedIn is a social media platform that a lot of small businesses overlook. But if you use it properly, it can be just as beneficial as Facebook and Twitter. And if you need some help working LinkedIn into your small business marketing strategy, just drop us a line! Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest tips, advice and resources on marketing your small business.