Love-ly Small Business Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Whether you find the Hallmark holiday cute or kitschy, Valentine’s Day promotions can have a big impact on your small business. Granted, it’s a lot easier to get your cut of the Cupid-shaped cookie if you sell jewelry, chocolate or … well, Cupid-shaped cookies. But even small businesses that sell unromantic products and services can see a spike in sales with the right marketing tie-ins.

Here’s how to make sure you get a piece of the nearly $19 billion-dollar pot this February 14.

Show the Love on Social Media

When it comes to social media, audience participation is key. Contests and/or interactive polls will get more people liking and sharing your small business’ content.

Have a “worst date ever” competition with the winner decided by Likes or retweets. Invite followers to guess what’s in the center of a piece of chocolate. Ask them to vote on their favorite product or service, with the winning offering being discounted for a period of time after the results are tallied.

Anything that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more is fair game, so have some fun with it!

Send Your Own Valentines

Creating a successful email campaign can be difficult. After all, there are already so many messages in our inboxes, it’s often easier to hit “delete” and be done with the whole thing.

Keep your message out of the trash pile by sending a Valentine instead of just another marketing missive. Give it a fantastic subject line with an element of mystery to entice your recipient to click, and make it exciting!

Don’t forget to include a small “treat” – free shipping or a special discount code will definitely sweeten the pot.

Find the Right Context

It’s not easy to make all products and services sexy. If you’re in the business of manufacturing mousetraps or servicing septic tanks, you definitely have your work cut out for you.

Look at your small business’ offering in a different light. How can your product or service tie into this day of love, pink hearts and happy feelings? Is there an add-on you can throw in? How about a “buy one, get one for your sweetheart” promotion?

Although some things are easier to market this time of year than others, everyone can jump on the Valentine’s Day marketing bandwagon. It’s simply a matter of engaging your customers, developing a killer email campaign, and putting a “love”-ly spin on your products and services – whatever they may be!

Was Cupid’s arrow of inspiration a bit off course this year? Let Mischa Communications help! Drop us a line (or send us a Valentine), and we’ll have your next holiday promotion up and running before you can say “candy hearts.”