What You Need to Know About Small Business Public Relations

You own a small business, and you know you need to spread the word about it. That’s a no-brainer. But what you might not know is that public relations (PR) differs from advertising in many ways. PR can provide your small business with a leg to stand on, independent from paid advertising. Here’s what you need to know.

PR vs. Advertising

Small business public relations is not paid advertising. It’s a different life form entirely, devoted to third-party recommendations, press releases and mentions and creditable reviews. It’s independent reviews, strategic communications and public opinion. No paid endorsements, flashy TV ads or expensive space in a newspaper. It’s a simple form of validation that relies on the merit of your products or services – not the size of your ad budget. PR is viewed differently than advertisements because it’s more honest and candid. What would you trust more – a paid advertisement in a newspaper or the recommendation of a friend who has tried the product or service? Your friend’s recommendation, right? This is the beauty of PR – it provides credibility from an unbiased, unpaid source.

The Benefits of Great PR

Every small business has to deal with PR, regardless of whether it wants it. People will talk about your small business, post about it on social media and review it without being asked. The trick is to get those conversations, posts and reviews to be favorable. To do this your small business needs to be proactive about customer service, engage with its customers and industry, and make an effort to be part of the community. While these things take some effort, it’s well worth it because good PR will improve your small business’ credibility, image and lead generation.

Good PR is one of the secrets to small business success, so the more of it the better! Mischa Communications knows a few things about public relations, and we can help get you the positive press and reviews your small business needs. Just drop us a line!