Video Killed the Radio Star But It Can Help Your Small Business

It’s a visual world out there. The success of YouTube, Vine and Flickr can attest to that. One hundred million Internet users watch online video each day. That’s a pretty big market to capture!

Adding video to your small business website and social media pages isn’t just a tip, it’s a must. Video boosts search results, accommodates visual learners and welcomes new clientele to your site with a friendly face.

Making Video Work for Your Small Business

A good video isn’t just your CEO talking to a camera (although it can be). It’s an immersion with your audience, a give-and-take interaction that gets your customers talking long after the clip is played out. A great video brings new business to your company, solves a problem or spotlights a new product or service.

It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!

Why Add Video to Your Social Media?

Well, why do we watch movies? Video provides a human connection that print media can never attain. It conveys emotion – namely, your own excitement in your product. It’s personal in a way that words on a page can’t be.

Let’s say your company has built the perfect nonstick frying pan. What’s better – telling your audience how great it is, or showing your audience that even melted cheese slides off easily?

Video Tips

If you’re looking to add video to your small business marketing strategy, here are some of our tips for doing it well.

Keep it short. Your audience doesn’t want a dissertation. Viewers just want a simple clip that teaches them something they didn’t know before.

Make it worthwhile. Humor can go a long way in distracting customers from the fact that they’re learning.

Make it clear. Don’t leave your audience guessing. A crystal-clear call to action (call this number, buy this product, share this video) will tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Reflect your brand. Your video should clearly communicate what you’re about and what you’re trying to get across. Don’t confuse your consumer with mixed messages.

Great Video Resources

For tips on what YouTube can do for your small business, see this great article. Vine is Twitter’s answer to video sharing and can have a big impact on the content that matters. Instagram and BizzCam round out our big four picks for awesome content.

It’s not the video sharing service you use that matters; it’s the content you share. Whether you choose to go it alone or ask our ask us for help, video matters. Use it well and reap the rewards!