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Tech of the Trade: 4 Social Media Solutions for Your Small Business

There’s no law requiring a small business owner to be social media savvy, but there’s also no denying that it certainly helps. Still, the ins and outs of social media platforms, hashtags and scheduling posts are enough to have anyone reaching for the Tylenol – or the tequila.

Fortunately, there are some social media solutions that make managing your small business’ social channels a little easier. Here are our (current) favorites.


We’ve talked before about the need to incorporate trending topics into your small business’ marketing scheme, and RiteTag helps you ride the hashtag wave. RiteTag’s innovative browser extension works with the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and more) to automatically suggest trending hashtags for your posts.


MavSocial is a one-stop shop for all your small business’ social media management needs. You can publish your posts across various social platforms, schedule marketing campaigns with the integrated content calendar, and store all your customer engagements – comments, conversations, etc. – in one place.

The Small Business Edition is free. However, if your small business become an overnight sensation, you may need to shell out some cash for the advanced version.

Atomic Reach

Let’s talk about content – again. It’s still relevant, it’s still important and it’s still invaluable for your small business. Atomic Reach understands this, and while the site won’t write your next great missive for you, it’ll definitely show you ways to improve it.

More than a simple proofreader (although it does that, too), Atomic Reach helps adapt your social media content to your target audience, making for better engagement and more interaction from the people who matter most!


Scheduling your posts, especially across multiple platforms, is a leading cause head to desk injuries. (Well … probably.) With OnlyPult, you can safely upload your posts, determine when and where they should run and use some other cool features like photo filters, automatic hashtags and a clever calendar that shows you what’s scheduled when.

Not every small-business owner is social media savvy, and that’s okay. There are plenty of tools at your disposal, and the sooner you start using them, the easier your social (media) life will be.

Need more help? Drop Mischa Communications a line. Our social media gurus can help make your small business more social — no headache or head banging necessary.