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Twitter for Small Businesses: Tweet ‘n’ Meet New Clients

Twitter for small businesses

We have mentioned a time or two (or 10) that Facebook is a great way to promote your small business – but it’s certainly not the only way. Success can be found on nearly any social media platform, but if you’re not exploring one in particular, then you’re missing out.

We’re talking about Twitter.

Despite their short stature, tweets can have a big impact on your clientele and your bottom line. Here’s how to put 140 characters to work for your small business.

Promote Your Tweets

Twitter has made it quicker and easier than ever to reach new people with the ability to promote a tweet straight from your Dashboard. It’s a simple click-through menu that helps you capture new audience members when a particular tweet is doing well with your current followers.

Whether you’re trying to get in quickly on a trending topic or just want to share an exciting message with as many people as possible, promoting a tweet gets the job done.

Keep an Eye on the Current Trends

Trending topics can give you access to a whole new audience without spending a dime. Whether it’s a strange holiday, current news event or celebrity gossip, a carefully crafted, relevant tweet with a clever marketing hook can get your message in front of the masses.

Be sure to use the correct hashtag to join the conversation, and never, ever try to piggyback on a tragic or off-color trending topic.

Reply to Your Mentions

Anyone, follower or not, can mention you on Twitter by using the @ sign followed by your small business’ Twitter handle. You can easily track these mentions from the dashboard – and it’s incredibly important that you do.

Whether a follower has a compliment, comment or concern, you should to address it. Not only does this give customers a higher level of satisfaction, but your return tweet shows future patrons that you care.

Interact With Your Audience on a Higher Level

Social media is all about interaction – so interact! Host a Q&A session, live tweet a local event or start a conversation about your small business’ new product or service.

Small businesses that interact with their customers garner more attention – and attention is exactly what you’re seeking on Twitter.

Whether you’re new to the social media game or an old hat with a few questions, Mischa Communications is here to help. We can show you how to get (and keep) a following, help you craft tweets or manage your entire social presence! Drop us a lineor tweet!