The Write Stuff Series: 5 Tips for Crafting Catchy Website Copy

This is the third installment in our The Write Stuff series in which we’re offering small businesses tips on writing better marketing copy. Click here to read the first article on must-read social media updates and click here to read the second piece on telling you small business’ story.

Your small business website is likely the first contact a potential customer has with your company, so that first impression has to knock their socks off.

A cool website isn’t just about the design, though. It’s about stellar content, too.

If you’re interested in offering up the total package, here are five tips that will help you craft catchy website copy that will keep visitors engaged, entertained and coming back for more!

1. Make it easy to skim.

Want to intimidate a reader? Serve up long blocks of text on your small business website. Your visitors want to find information quickly and easily; they don’t want to dig through oodles of unrelated material. Give your readers what they want by making it easy to skim your text. Use shorter paragraphs, lists and strategic bolding of the text to draw attention to the most important takeaways on a page.

2. Focus on the headline.

Your headline is your page’s most important real estate. Studies show that eight out of 10 readers will view your headline, but only two will read on from there. Think 20% isn’t good enough? Then you need compelling headlines that target your audience and demonstrate the value you provide. All it takes is a few short words to capture reader interest…or lose it!

3. Use natural language.

Every copywriter is told early on to “write like you talk.” And for good reason. A lot of business communication is bogged down with technical details, industry jargon and generic corporate-speak. But when you do that, your message gets lost in the noise. Use a natural, friendly voice that’s consistent with what your audience expects, and you’ll connect with customers in a much more effective way.

4. Speak to your audience.

Different audiences need different tones and branding approaches. For example, an event planning service might use different language when it speaks to brides-to-be than it uses when talking to the organizers of sci-fi conventions. Figure out who you’re trying to reach, and let that demographic guide the way you write your website copy.

5. Include strong calls to action.

Each page of your website should end with a clear call to action. Your call to action may be contacting you for more information, reading another web page or completing a form. Focus your calls to action on driving readers toward that desired next step, and you can dramatically improve your return on investment from your small business website.

Struggling to write web copy that shines? Contact Mischa Communications! We can make your small business website stand out, attract customers and keep them coming back for more.