Time to Try Again? 5 Remarketing Tips for Small Business

remarking tips

For small business owners, there are few images as sad as an abandoned shopping cart.

Your customer carefully selected the goods and services they put in their cart. They compared features and prices. They pictured how exactly that handmade scarf would look on Aunt Sally, or how the certificate for a year’s worth of lawn care would put a smile on Dad’s face.

They chose the contents of their cart for a reason, but they abandoned it for a reason, too.

Your mission is to discover that reason — and that’s where remarketing comes in.

Remarketing is the process of figuring out what went wrong in the purchasing process, addressing it, and ultimately, getting your customer to seal the deal. Here’s how it works.

5 Remarketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Capture Customer Information ASAP

You can’t remarket to someone if you don’t know that they were planning to buy in the first place. It’s important that you get the full 411 on all your leads as early as possible so that if your first attempt doesn’t work, you can try again.

Don’t wait until checkout to get their details. Offering a discount code, eBook or similar gimmie will entice them to give up the info you need to get them in your system as quickly as possible.

Send a Friendly Reminder

That customer really wanted those handcrafted moccasins you plugged on social media. She added them to her cart, but then dinner started smoking and some masked celebrity was about to be unmasked on TV and her kid closed out of the tab to play Fortnight.

Life happened, and she forgot. In this case, a friendly reminder (typically via email) is all it will take to get her to click the Buy Now button, especially if you have her previous info ready and waiting.

Sweeten the Pot

Some customers need a bit more finagling than others, and if the lead is solid, it might be worth your time to up the ante. A little finesse can go a long way toward your remarketing efforts.

Can you throw in a free upgrade, extended warranty or expedited shipping? Offer it up! That may be just the ticket to get a customer down off the fence they’re sitting on.

Push a Similar Product

Maybe the product left in that abandoned shopping cart was a case of “close, but not close enough.” They liked it enough to add it, but it just didn’t quite fit the bill.

Do you have a similar product? Maybe one that’s more cost-effective or offers a few more features than the one they were originally looking at? Give that one a push instead.

“We noticed you were interested in Product X, but I wanted to take a minute to draw your attention to Product Y, which you might find more beneficial because …”

Target Previous Customers

A customer who previously purchased from your company is much more likely to do it again, so don’t leave those people out of your remarketing efforts.

Did they recently purchase a Stephen King novel from your local bookstore? Make sure they get an email when his next bestseller comes out. Did they buy a retro record player from your music shop? They’ll definitely be interested in your upcoming sale on vinyl.

Knowing your customer’s likes and needs is more than just good remarketing – it’s good marketing in general!

Ready to Give It Another Try?

For the small business owner, there’s no such thing as a lost cause. If your first strategy doesn’t work, try again. Remarketing can turn even the staunchest “no” into an easy “yes, please!”

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