8 Questions to Ask a Small Business Marketing Agency

small business marketing agency

You’ve decided to outsource some or all of your marketing needs. Congratulations! You’re going to save so much time, energy and money! But before we break out the champagne and toast to your remarkable business decision, we’d like to point out that you still need to find a small business marketing agency to work with.

And that’s not as easy as clicking on the first Google search result and calling it good.

A small business marketing agency will only be beneficial if it’s the right one. And you can’t decide which one is right until you ask some rather pointed questions. But don’t worry – we’ve taken the liberty of writing the script for you.

8 Questions to Ask a Prospective Small Business Marketing Agency

“How Long Have You Been in Business?”

There’s nothing wrong with brand-new marketing agencies. Everyone has to start somewhere. But there is a lot to be said about the experience gained by traveling around the sun a few times. Experienced firms have already gone through some of their growing pains and learned how to iron out certain issues, which is beneficial for new clients.

“Who Are Your Clients?”

To figure out whether an agency is a good fit, you need to look at what they’ve done for other people. Do they represent any similar small businesses? Are they specialized in a certain niche? Ask for references, then follow up on them!

“What Services Do You Offer?”

Some agencies are a one-stop shop for all things marketing, while others might specialize in one or two services. Be honest with yourself (and them) about your particular needs.

“How Do You Communicate?”

Some small business owners want a completely hands-off experience; others want to be very, very involved. So it’s important to know what kind of communication you can expect from your marketing agency, and whether that fits with your expectations and preferred level of involvement.

“What’s Your Style?”

Typically, the way a marketing agency markets themselves is the way they’ll market their clients. If they’re black ties and top hats, and your small business leans toward tank tops and flip flops, there’s going to be a noticeable disconnect, no matter how good they are at what they do.

“How Would You Handle This?”

Put your potential small business marketing agency on the spot by asking how they would handle a specific marketing conundrum. “If I wanted to increase my open rate by 15% over the next three months, how would you make it happen?”

“Who’s Your Team?”

Chances are good that one person won’t be handling your entire account. You might have one person who ghostwrites your blogs, another who handles your web design and a third to manage your social media communities. It is more than appropriate to ask to meet all of these people before you make a decision.

“How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?”

We’re down to the nitty gritty now. It’s time to talk dollars and cents. You have a budget and they have a bottom line. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! “I understand the package costs X, but my pocketbook is far more comfortable with Y. What can we do to bring it down a bit?” Often, a marketing agency can tailor a strategy you can afford.

It’s Time to Meet Your New Small Business Marketing Agency!

Armed with the answers to all of your most pertinent questions, it’s time to seal the deal with your new small business marketing agency. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Mischa Communications knows how to market businesses like yours because we are a business like yours. Ask us all your questions!