What Is Acquisition Marketing?

small business acquisition marketing

There’s one thing all small businesses need, no matter what they sell: customers. But finding them is often easier said than done.

Enter acquisition marketing, which is just a fancy term for “marketing designed to acquire new customers.” This is the polar opposite of retention marketing, which means “marketing to keep the customers you already have.” (We’ll talk more about retention marketing next week.)

So how do you draw potential customers into your fold and convince them that you’re the best small business for the job? Here are some best practices.

Create Solid, Value-Added Content

Content is, always has been and probably always will be king. It instills trust, fosters a connection and proves to your audience that you know your stuff.

If it’s done correctly, that is.

Good content should never be salesy. If your blog posts are full of pleas to buy and your videos are nothing more than thinly veiled infomercials, you’re wasting your time.

Every piece of content you create should have a purpose. It should exist to inform, educate, engage or entertain your audience, and they should come away with more than they had going in. Don’t tell them what your small business can do for them; show them.

Choose the Right Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is a great way to acquire new customers, but the platforms you use need to align with your target audience. If you’re in the beauty biz, Instagram or Pinterest might be a better choice than Twitter; if you offer professional services like accounting or software solutions, LinkedIn will be more lucrative than TikTok or Snapchat.

Wasting time (and, perhaps more importantly, marketing dollars) on the wrong sites uses up resources that could be better spent elsewhere and it won’t net you customers who are ready to buy what you’re selling.

Partner Up

If you are a florist specializing in bridal bouquets with a shop just down the street from a photography studio that specializes in wedding photos, it’s time to go make friends. By finding a small business partner, you’re effectively opening yourself (and each other) up to a whole new customer base!

Present Yourself as an Expert

Forums like Quora, LinkedIn Groups and even Reddit are all great places to establish that you are, in fact, an expert in your field.

By posting content or answering questions on these sites, you present yourself as an industry leader. People are far more likely to choose a small business who has demonstrated knowledge in their field than a random Google ad or sponsored Facebook post.

Give Your Current Customers a Voice

If you’re in the market for a mobile auto mechanic, who are you going to trust more: the mechanic himself or someone who has used the mechanic’s services for years?

Most of us would choose the latter. And that is exactly why you should allow your current customers to be your brand ambassadors. Share their testimonials. Give them credit for referrals. Showcase their reviews on your website. People who hear from happy customers are apt to become happy customers themselves!

Acquisition Marketing Turns Contacts into Customers!

Acquisition marketing takes people who are already aware of your brand — your fans and followers on social media, the people on your email list, the ones who subscribe to your blog — and turns them into paying customers. And paying customers are what every small business needs more of!

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