Get Smart About Small Business Smartphone Marketing

Smartphones have changed the way we do almost everything: the way we work, the way we play and especially the way we shop. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own one of these pocket-sized supercomputers, so if you’re not including them in your small business’ marketing strategy, you’re leaving a pretty big chunk of change on the table.

Purchases made on smartphones total 9% of online sales, and 33% of online shoppers bought at least one thing from their phones in the past year. Those numbers aren’t expected to decline anytime soon – in fact, mobile spending has grown pretty steadily: 42% annually over a four-year period.

The upshot of these facts and figures? Marketing directly to smartphone users is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

Double-Check Your Mobile Website

It’s not enough to just have a small business website anymore. You have to have a mobile-friendly website – and it has to work right the first time!

In reality, you have about five seconds to make an impression. Seventy-four percent of your site’s visitors will check out after that time, and 46% aren’t coming back if the site has glitches, is slow or otherwise unwieldy.

Your website needs to be optimized for smartphone users. In short, it has to be easy for them to find you, read reviews, see your offerings and ultimately make a purchase.

Create Multiple Touch Points

A mobile website is great, but it can’t be your only smartphone marketing strategy. Small businesses should also experiment with web-only specials, email blasts and social media giveaways. Try out some NFC or iBeacon strategies, like sending mobile coupons to a customer’s smartphone when they enter your shop or walk by your trade show table.

Remember, these devices live in your customers’ pockets or purses all the time, and multiple touch points only increase your odds of snagging their business.

Recognize “Smartphone Dependency”

We all joke about being dependent on our smartphones, but for a small subset of Americans, it’s a reality. Seven percent of the nation has no broadband plan and no viable way to access the Internet except through their smartphone. So the only way to reach 7% of your would-be online audience is through smartphone marketing.

Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, so make sure your small business doesn’t lose out on business from the people who use them. Drop Mischa Communications a line, and we’ll help you create a mobile strategy that works for your small business!