4 Tips for Instant Marketing on Instagram

Does your small business have a lot of products to showcase? Or are you looking for a way to display photos of your small business’ previous work?

If so, marketing on Instagram might be for you.

Instagram has approximately 200 million followers and 70% log into the network at least once per day. As a small business, that’s something you need to be connected to. To help you get started, here are some of our tips and resources on effectively promoting your small business on this important image-centric social platform.

1. Leverage the profile section.

Don’t dive into Instagram marketing without setting up an account bio first. This will allow fans of your small business to find you, and people who love your images to learn more about your company. Bios are short at 150 characters. Be sure to include your business’ name and any important keywords to enhance your searchability. Instagram’s bios also allow you to link to your small business website.

2. Share your message with memes.

For businesses with limited products to photograph or a bigger message to share, memes are a great way to get started. Memes are images with quotes or facts emblazoned on them. They tend to be frequently shared and popular across social media networks, including Instagram, as well as Facebook and Pinterest. Consider starting with motivational quotes or big takeaways that you love and that will resonate with your customers. A number of different sites, such as, let you create your own memes.

3. Go behind the scenes.

People love to do business with brands they trust. Using Instagram as a platform to share images of your office and employees, as well as products being used by customers or on store shelves, helps build those connections. Your approach can be an insider look, a humorous take on your industry or even showcasing your brand’s lifestyle elements. For example, a gym could share images of employees in CrossFit classes or drinking green smoothies.

4. Understand Instagram’s tone

. While straight product shots might perform well on Pinterest, Instagram’s tone is more artistic. The photographs that are popular tend to be more artistic. One way to bring ordinary photos to life is by playing with Instagram’s filters. Another is to shoot short video clips – Instagram allows up to 15 seconds per video.

Are you ready to take your small business’ social media marketing to the next level with Instagram? Contact us today to learn how Mischa Communications can help craft compelling brand messaging for a range of media platforms.