Does Your Small Business Need a Makeover?

You love your small business…most days. So why should you change it? You and your customers seem to be content with the status quo. And if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Does this sound familiar? Maybe like your inner monologue?

Branding isn’t just a buzzword. It’s an actual thing and it’s crucial to your small business’ success. Its sidekick, re-branding, is legit, too. We know. We did a re-brand not too long ago. And by the way, the results were basically spectacular!

Whether it’s tweaking your logo, small business website, or social media strategy, or a complete brand makeover, change may be just what your small business needs to look its best.

Thinking about rebranding? Follow these tips to ensure it’s a positive change for your small business.

1. Adapt Before You Scratch

You don’t always need a complete rebrand. Sometimes it’s enough to groom your social media profiles and perk up your website with some fresh new content.

2. Breathe Life Into Your Brand

Your brand is your business, and it should reflect its personality. Yes, businesses have personalities. (Have you met Mischa!?) Replace a boring logo or change the tone of your small business blog. Don’t give your small business rib cracking CPR if a gentle breath of life will do.

3. Create a Campaign Around the Rebrand

Changing things up for no reason doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to rebrand, make sure you’ve got a reason to do it – whether it’s a new type of product or service, different direction for the company, or new location.

4. Use Social Media to Create a Buzz

Start a social media campaign and allow fans to vote on your new logo or help you choose which elements to change. Facebook and Twitter campaigns are also incredibly successful and the buzz can bring new business to your new business.

Rebranding your small business is a big deal, so plan carefully! A rebrand can be a saving grace, but it’s not something you shouldn’t attempt often. Make sure you get it right; let us help!

For more information on how Mischa Communications can help refresh your small business brand, please contact us or call 202-596-7804.