Spring Holidays Put the “Pep” in Your Small Business Marketing Step

Spring small business marketing

Ah, spring. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and (for reasons completely unknown to zoologists) bunnies everywhere are laying colorful eggs for children to find on Easter morning.

While it’s true that spring holidays don’t generally bring in the big bucks that Black Friday and Small Business Saturday do, they still shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re looking to capitalize on Easter, Earth Day and Mother’s Day, Mischa Communications has a small business marketing strategy already marked out for you!

The Holiday: Easter — Sunday, April 16, 2017

If you’ve noticed a sudden influx of Pepto-Bismol-colored Peeps in your local grocery store, there’s a reason: Easter is fast approaching.

Long known as a religious holiday, many small businesses tend to shy away from actively capitalizing on Easter for fear of offending part of their fan base — and for good reason. However, when marketed correctly, Easter can provide a big boon to your bottom line.

The Strategy: Have an Egg Hunt. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you have it made! Hide those brightly colored plastic eggs all over your shop, and stuff them with candy or coupons.

Online-only? Your small business can still get in on the fun! Hide virtual eggs on your website. The first person to find and “claim” them wins!

Prizes could be as small as a coupon code for free shipping, or as big as an “Easter basket” filled with gift cards, premium chocolates and corporate swag!

The Holiday: Earth Day — Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day celebrates our commitment to our planet. It’s a way for us to preserve our resources and do our part to make the world a better place for future generations. It’s also (usually) overlooked by businesses, both big and small.

The Strategy: Send Them Some Seeds! Are you ready to do your part for the environment while getting some serious kudos from your customers (and maybe even boosting your bottom line)? Send a seed package to the people on your mailing list!

Cheerios got a head start on the hullabaloo at the beginning of March, promising to send a free packet of wildflower seeds in an effort to #BringBacktheBees.

Why not take a leaf out of their book? Whether it’s wildflowers, sustainable GMO-free vegetable or fruit seeds or even a sapling evergreen tree, your customers will appreciate your commitment to the world we all live in! (Don’t forget to send a coupon along with the seeds — on recycled paper, of course!)

The Holiday: Mother’s Day — Sunday, May 14, 2017

None of us would exist without a mother — and Mother’s Day is the one day each year that the entire country gets together to honor the women who gave us life.

The Strategy: Have a Social Media Contest. Encourage mothers to post selfies with their kids. Who has the most identical “mini-me?” Who has the best birth story? Who has the cutest baby picture?

Let your fans and followers vote on each picture, and give the winner a “mom-centric” reward — a spa day, a massage or a primo bottle of vino. Most mothers can’t wait to show off their progeny, so it’s an easy way to interact with your social media audience!

Spring is a difficult time for most small businesses. The pretty lights of the winter holiday season have faded and there are still plenty of long weeks to go before the firecrackers of July arrive. If you capitalize on the here and now, however, you’re already ahead of the game!

Mischa Communications is here for you, regardless of the season. Shoot us an email today and we’ll tailor-fit a small business marketing strategy for you that works wherever and whenever!