4 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Fourth of July

Independence Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the traditional BBQs, beach parties and fireworks displays. But unless you happen to sell burgers, beach towels or things that go “boom,” you may be having a hard time figuring out how to weave the Fourth of July into your marketing strategy.

Don’t miss out on the fun (and the sales that come along with it). We have some marketing ideas for the Fourth of July that will help your small business’ sales go up like a roman candle!

1. Join the Celebration

Independence Day has a way of making even the biggest cities seem like small hometowns. Chances are good that there’s a parade, carnival or other celebration in your area — so join in!

Set up a booth at a community event or get your employees together to fly your small business banner high in the parade. Don’t forget to have candy or flags for the kiddos — and of course, discount coupons to hand out to their parents!

2. Sponsor the Show

Fireworks displays are costly, so it’s no surprise that these shows are always looking for sponsors, who are then handsomely rewarded for their generosity with a shout-out at the event or an advertisement in the program.

Shelling out some cash for a few colorful mortars will earn you plenty in promotional opportunities — not to mention the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping out your community!

3. Design a Patriotic Promotion

Everyone loves a deal, regardless of the reason, so you may as well use Independence Day as an excuse for a sale.

Whether it’s a holiday-themed discount code your customers can use at checkout, a free box of sparklers with each purchase or free shipping (to celebrate our freedom, of course!), any business can jump on the sale bandwagon, no matter what sort of wares you peddle.

4. Make Your Social Media Pages Sparkle

Spend some time crafting awesome holiday-related social media offerings. BBQ or cocktail recipes, firework safety tips and patriotic pictures are all inherently sharable, giving you a better-than-average shot at finding some more fans.

You can never go wrong with a contest, so offer a prize to the person with the most outrageous Fourth of July outfit, the one who looks the most like Uncle Sam or the one with the biggest cache of fireworks to light off in the driveway when the big night finally comes.

Independence Day is a celebration of freedom, community spirit and Americana in general, so make sure you (and your small business) join in! It’s how our forefathers would have wanted it.

Need more ideas? Contact Mischa Communications and let us help you start your Fourth of July marketing strategy off with a bang!