9 Spring Marketing Tips to Step Up Business in 2023

spring marketing tips 2023

The robins are returning, the flowers are blooming, and we might have spent a full 10 minutes of prime work time watching a family of rabbits frolicking just outside our office window.

It’s official: Spring has sprung.

Spring is known as a time of reawakening, when we brush the long winter off of our sleeves and walk out into the sunshine, full of hope and good vibes. And your business can (and should!) capitalize on your audience’s warm, fuzzy feelings.

Here are our best spring marketing tips to help you swing into the season!

9 Spring Marketing Tips for 2023

#1: Put the Good Weather to Good Use

After what seems like eons of being stuck inside, everyone is craving a massive dose of Vitamin D. Get together with your small business partners and organize a block party, host a barbecue for your customers, or haul some of your wares outside of your brick-and-mortar shop for a pop-up sidewalk sale.

#2: Celebrate Spring Holidays

Although there’s no marketing match for the winter holidays, spring isn’t exactly lacking in reasons to celebrate. Develop promos around Easter (April 9), Earth Day (April 22), Mother’s Day (May 14) and Memorial Day (May 29).

#3: Check Your Local Calendar

Spring is the time when local events really begin to ramp up, so check with your local chamber of commerce or visitor’s center to see what’s going on. Fairs, festivals and community events are all great places for your business to see and be seen.

#4: Do Some Spring Cleaning

Have your (real or virtual) aisles gotten a bit dusty over the winter? Does your lobby need some sprucing up? Could your website use a makeover? Spring is a great time to get everything ship-shape before the busy summer months.

#5: Clean Up Your Data and Email Lists

Your closets aren’t the only thing you should be cleaning this time of year. Your data gets dirty, too. Give it (and your email lists) a deep clean so that they’re as fresh as the air outside.

#6: Be (Eco) Friendly

In spring, everything looks shiny and new — and everyone wants to keep it that way. Get a group together and spend a Saturday cleaning up your local streets, streams, or parks. It’s a great look for the planet … and your publicity!

#7: Give Away Some Springtime Swag

Everyone loves free stuff, so invest in some branded spring-themed merchandise to give away to your favorite customers. Frisbees, can koozies, hats or even packets of seeds are inexpensive to buy in bulk and help get your brand’s logo in front of plenty of eyes.

#8: Sponsor a Local Club or Team

Sponsoring a hometown club or team isn’t just a nice thing to do. It also helps your business gain recognition in the community. Whether it’s your name on the back of a Little League jersey or your business listing in the program of the high school production of Fame, people will take note.

#9: Look Forward to Summer

As nice as it is while it lasts, spring will be over before you know it. Instead of staring at another list just like this one three months from now, be proactive about your planning. What can you do now to ensure that your summer marketing strategy will sizzle?

Are You Ready for a Spring Fling?

The snow and ice have (mostly) melted away, and while we’re still due for some April showers, it’ll only make May’s flowers even prettier. When you put some spring in your marketing step, your business will bloom as bright as the daffodils!

Would you like to spend more time in the sunshine and less agonizing over your marketing schedule? Let Mischa Communications take over. We’ll be your spring fling!