How Social Media Analytics Can Perk Up Your Small Business Posts

social media analytics

You probably think you have your social media strategy and process down pat. You create cleverly crafted tweets, you share thoughtful, non-salesy posts, and you aren’t above a bit of (responsible) newsjacking. You see your small business grow with every like and retweet.

But there is much more to social media than knowing your meme sparked 200 comments and your tweet was favorited 724 times. To get the full picture, you need to dive deeper.

That’s where social media analytics come in.

What Can Social Media Analytics Show You?

Whether you know it or not, there’s plenty of data to be collected from your social media posts. But data is just data until you force it to speak.

You know your tweet was popular; 724 favorites is nothing to scoff at. But why was it popular? What differentiated it from the one you posted an hour before – the one that only managed a handful of retweets? What can it tell you about the people who favorited it?

Social media analytics shows you what’s working and what isn’t. It teaches you about your audience: who they are, where they’re from, what type of content resonates best with them and even what time of day you should post to get the biggest reach.

Confused about what type of posts get the most engagement? Curious about the best way to get your audience to convert? Frustrated that your last paid ad completely missed the target? Social media analytics can show you the who, what, where, why and how of every single post, every single time. And it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as it might seem!

Our Favorite Tools for Social Media Analytics

Converting raw data into usable information probably isn’t a favorite pastime for most of us. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century where tools are readily available to do it for us, providing us with a nice, clean report at the push of a button.

Every social media platform has analytics built right into it. On your dashboard, you’ll easily be able to see information regarding how many people you’ve reached, how many new followers you have, and how your posts are performing. Instagram will tell you when your followers are online, Facebook will point out posts that might benefit from a boost and Snapchat can tell you which age group you’re most popular with, among important stats about your subscribers.

Looking for deeper insights? Check out these social media analytics options.

  • Hootsuite: Looking to analyze metrics from different platforms all in one place? Hootsuite’s tool has you covered. And the user-friendly dashboard makes this tool a great option for those who aren’t yet confident in their analytics prowess.
  • Sprout Social: What makes your audience tick? More importantly, what makes them act? Sprout Social helps you optimize your social media posts with insights and information that will resonate with your fans and followers.
  • Keyhole: Monitor your events, campaign and brand, perform market research and even measure the impact your influencers are having on your small business with Keyhole. This social media analytics tool will help you understand how your audience engages with your brand.
  • BrandMentions: Without your reputation, what are you? BrandMentions keeps track of what people are saying about your business online, monitors your brand and can even help you spy on the competition!

Are You Ready to Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level?

Likes, shares and favorites aren’t the be-all and end-all of social media. There is so much that your posts want to tell you, and social media analytics persuades them to spill the beans. You just have to listen!

From social media tips and tricks to primo content and beyond, Mischa Communications has a lot to offer. Get in touch today and let us help your small business level up!