How Much Content Should Your Small Business Post? Hint: It’s Tricky!

We’ve given you the 411 on content. We’ve told you what you should post, how to make it better and even what to do when it’s not getting the traffic it deserves. But we’ve never told you exactly how much content you should post.

We’re not going to do that now, either — because there is no universal magic number. And if there was, it would fall somewhere directly between “not too much” and “not too little.”

What we can do is offer some tips on how to determine the magic number for your small business — which could vastly differ from someone else’s small business.

Here’s what you need to know.

Quality Outdistances Quantity. Every. Single. Time.

Creating content takes time — and if you’re spending that time creating content that isn’t absolutely amazing, you might as well have not made the effort.

It’s not about how much content you create. It’s about how much value your content offers your customers, clients, fans and followers.

Never talk just to hear yourself talk. In the end, you’ll be the only one listening, and it’s only your own time you’re wasting. Sure, you’ll get hits — but those hits won’t translate to leads or sales, because people are too busy hitting the “back” button to hear what you have to say.

Instead, focus on quality. What are you teaching your readers? What problems are you solving? Pro tip: One good piece of content a week is better than three mediocre posts a day.

Create a Library of Content

According to one marketing study, 75 percent of blog views (and a full 90 percent of leads) come from past posts! Yes, the hard work you put in months or years ago can benefit you even now.

Make sure your old posts (especially those that can be considered pillar content) are accessible to you readers. Regularly promote them on social media. Feature them in your newsletter or e-zine from time to time.

There is zero reason you can’t continue to capitalize on something that works — and rerunning a piece or two saves you time and effort, while continuing to bring in business.

Don’t Stress Yourself, But Don’t Be Lazy, Either

Huge corporations (think Coca-Cola or Walmart) can afford to maintain a full-time staff of content creators. You are not Coca-Cola or Walmart, and chances are good that you, one of your employees or an outsourced freelancer bears the responsibility of writing your blog posts, shooting your videos or developing your infographics.

Remember that famous line in Stephen King’s The Shining? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The same goes for you, your employees or your poor, overworked freelancer. The harder you push yourself to create, the more “dull” your content becomes.

Don’t force yourself to constantly create content. Instead, be realistic about the capabilities of yourself and your staff. While this isn’t an excuse to sit around twiddling your thumbs, it’s important to realize that forced content doesn’t equal good content.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to how much content to post, every small business has their own “magic number.” To determine yours, you need to be realistic about how much fantastic content you have the time, ability and patience to create. “Meh” won’t cut it — to be successful, you have to focus on making your content marvelous.

Are you ready to find your “magic number?” Drop Mischa Communications a line. We’ll evaluate your current content strategy and work with you to maximize your exposure and minimize your efforts!