5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business Newsletter Numbers

No matter how well your newsletter is doing right now, we’re pretty sure you won’t say no to getting a few hundred (thousand? million?) more subscribers. After all, the more people you can reach, the more chances you’ll make a sale!

Ready to rake in more subscribers who eagerly wait to hear from you every week? Here’s how to do it.

Make It Easy

People are busy. They do want your newsletter, but they probably don’t want it badly enough that they’d be willing to fill out a three-page form and offer up their mother’s maiden name to get it. You need exactly one piece of information from them, and that is their email address. Don’t make them provide anything else.

Leave ‘Em Hanging

There’s a reason every season finale of every show in the history of ever ends with a cliffhanger: It keeps people coming back for more.

Hook them from the get-go with the beginning of a multi-part series published on your blog or website. You can start a project or an experiment, or you can create a basic, step-by-step lesson for making cupcakes, for example. After that, make future installments exclusive to your newsletter recipients.

Provide an Incentive

We’re all pretty protective of our email addresses these days. Two decades of spam will do that to a person. But if you give them a reason to subscribe, they’ll give up the goods.

“Free shipping on your first order when you subscribe.” “Subscribe today for a chance to win!” “Enter your email address below and receive a free download of our popular eBook!” When you offer something in return for their email address, your future subscribers will see the value in the deal.

Provide Two Incentives

Once upon a time, Dropbox had a problem: Their ad campaign just wasn’t cutting it. So they thought outside the (drop)box and created one of the greatest referral programs of all time. They wouldn’t just reward the referrer; they’d reward the referred customer, too! In 15 months, they grew their subscription base from 100,000 people to a mind-blowing 4 million!

You’re probably not going to have 4 million subscribers by next summer — but two-way incentive referrals can definitely grow your fan base at twice the rate of a one-way referral system!

Be Shareable

No money for incentives? All you have to do is create quality content that is easy to share. When someone sees something that makes them laugh, cry, learn, or think, they want to share it with their friends — and when their friends love it, too, they’ll add themselves to your subscriber base.

Growing your subscription list is slow work. A new subscriber here, two more there — sometimes it seems like you’ll never hit your targets. But when you implement these ideas and look back a year from now, you’ll be surprised just how far you’ve come!

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