Which Small Businesses Can Put Visual Marketing to Use?

visual marketing

Visual marketing is a great way to get your message across. After all, a picture might be worth a thousand words, but more importantly, it also can boost your total views by about 94%.

It all comes down to science. The human brain recognizes and remembers pictures far better than it does words. After three days, you’ll only remember about 10% of a piece of information you heard or read; if a picture is included in that information, however, your retention rate goes up to 65%.

But visually focused social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram work much better for some small businesses than they do for others. If you’re involved in any of the following industries, it may be time to spend less time blogging about your business and more time letting the world see it in all its glory with visual marketing!


The phrase “you eat with your eyes” is more than just a kitschy quote. People love to see pictures of food online. Pinterest alone has in excess of 1.7 billion recipe Pins, and food and drink are among the most popular categories on the site.

If you run a restaurant, bakery, bar or candy shop, visual marketing is one of your best bets. Pair pictures of your best plates with a description, recipe or even quick video tutorial on how to make a few dishes at home, and you’ll have your audience’s collective stomachs growling.


Whether you make handmade jewelry, bohemian-chic dresses or tailored doggy tuxedos, visual marketing is where its at for your small business. Show off your “wears” with high quality photos, offer fashion tips or show people how you turn an ordinary skein of yarn into a beautiful infinity scarf.

Instagram is changing the way the fashion industry functions. In the past, it could cost upwards of $2 million to launch a clothing line. Instagram makes it possible for your designs to go viral, reaching customers you’d never be able to on your own. And with a plethora of influencers ready to help you market your line, it’s easier than ever to build your brand.

Creative Arts

You probably wouldn’t hire a wedding photographer, tattoo artist or painter without looking at their previous work. For creative types, visual marketing serves as an online portfolio that people can peruse while they’re still in the decision-making stage. They can then reach out to you with any questions they may have.

Anyone can say they’re a direct descendant of Picasso and inherited every bit of his talent; visual marketing helps them prove it. Showing beats telling any day!

Niche Products

While any product is inherently picture-worthy, niche products tend to do very well when marketed visually, simply because they’re unusual. (Anyone remember the Licki Brush? There’s a glow-in-the-dark version now!)

The more innovative your product, the more buzz it will create when you begin to show it off. Niche products also garner more shares — and nothing is more easily shared than a picture!

Is Your Small Business Camera-Ready?

Visual marketing isn’t for everyone. Very few people are searching Instagram for septic tank cleaners, and Pinterest probably isn’t the first place one would check when they’re in the market for a brain surgeon or a rocket repairman. But most small businesses can find a way to leverage visuals to at least some degree, and for a few, it can take you further than you ever thought possible!

Are you ready to start thinking outside of the traditional marketing box? Mischa Communications can help you create a tailor-made strategy that works for your small business. Let’s talk!