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Mischa’s Recipe for Small Business Success

Everyone loves a good recipe. They’re easy to follow, passed down from generation to generation, and (most of the time, at least) you get a reasonably consistent outcome each time you use them.

But recipes aren’t just for Aunt Betty’s brownies and Grandma Fran’s fried chicken. They can be used for just about anything, including small business success. Since the best recipe is a shared recipe, we’re sharing with you!


  • A fantastic social media presence. We recommend Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for starters, although you’re certainly free to experiment with different “tastes” and quantities. Be sure your chosen platforms have been seasoned well with quality content, complete contact details and an engaged social media manager to make sure no comment goes unnoticed!
  • Stellar customer service. Good isn’t good enough. This recipe requires exemplary customer service. Know how to respond to unfavorable reviews, show your appreciation and solicit customer feedback. (No substitutions allowed!)
  • An informative, engaging blog. Blogging helps you reach potential customers who weren’t even on your radar. A well-written blog post is infinitely sharable, and when people like what you have to say, they’ll naturally want to learn more about you, leading them right to your (virtual) doorstep. Make sure every post you send out has a link back to your website and social media pages, and make it easy for people to sign up for your mailing list straight from your blog.
  • An easy-to-navigate, mobile-enabled website. Your website most likely will be a potential customer’s first impression, so make sure it’s awesome, and make sure it’s mobile — because more than half of all internet searches nowadays are conducted from a mobile device. If customers can’t navigate your site easily with their smartphone or tablet, you’re not going to get a second click!
  • Just enjoy some while you proceed to the next step.


Combine all ingredients into your marketing strategy and stir. Depending on your unique small business needs, you may need to add more of some ingredients or use less of others. This is normal — it’s how you perfect the recipe!

Once you’re happy with the texture, sprinkle liberally with hard work, dedication and pride, and serve.

Most of all, feel free to experiment. If no one ever deviated from the recipe, chocolate-drizzled bacon wouldn’t exist!

Recipe Variation

Hire a superstar marketing team. You’re an entrepreneur, not a marketer. Your job is to hone your business. Our job is to make your job easier by gathering ingredients and mixing them together so you don’t have to! Give Mischa Communications a call and let us help you whip up a batch of small business success.