7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Business

instagram marketing tips for small businesses

Way, way back in a much, much simpler time, we posted a blog describing a few Instagram marketing tips and touting the benefits of the image-based social media platform. At the time,
Instagram had 200 million users, and 70% of them logged in daily.

Things have changed just a little bit since then. In 2018, Instagram broke 1 billion monthly active users, and 500 million people now use the site every single day. The platform is no longer just a place to share highly filtered sunset photos and snapshots of what you had for breakfast; it’s now a veritable goldmine for small business marketers just like you!

Looking to make the most of Instagram? Check out some of our favorite Instagram marketing tips.

Use Hashtags

Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags as their primary search function. Each post can include up to 30 hashtags, although that doesn’t mean you should use that many. According to Hootsuite, you should aim to include 11 hashtags per post, although most people only use between one and three.

Want to know how a potential hashtag might perform? Just type it in, and Instagram will give you a handy-dandy preview of how many people are currently using it.

Make Posts Shoppable

What if people could buy your product straight from your Instagram post? With shoppable content, that’s a reality! Users simply click on a linked item and it takes them directly to your product page where a “buy now” button is waiting for them. It couldn’t be easier!

Slide Into the DMs

All too often, interactions with brands on social media can seem impersonal. It doesn’t have to be that way! Don’t be afraid to communicate with your fans and followers directly.

Did someone write a rave review? Feel free to reach out and thank them privately. Is a loyal customer going above and beyond to support your business? DM them an exclusive offer or coupon code. Never underestimate just how far a personal touch can go!

Experiment With Influencers

Influencer marketing is huge on Instagram. The visual nature of the site makes it super simple for those with tons of followers to showcase your goods and send some of their fans your way. You might have to kick in some cash or offer up some swag. But as long as you select the right influencer for your brand, it’s worth the initial outlay!

Don’t Neglect Instagram Stories

Is there a point to creating a post that self-destructs after 24 hours? As it turns out, absolutely! Instagram Stories draws its inspiration from Snapchat, which isn’t doing too horribly, considering their reported 4 billion (yes, billion with a B) Snaps daily.

An Instagram Story can contain a mixture of pictures and videos that will show up at the top of a user’s feed. And while they have the approximate lifespan of a mayfly, they can be saved for future use.

Pay Attention to the Analytics

Instagram makes it simple to play the numbers game with a comprehensive (and free!) analytics tool called Insights. Get a breakdown of your demographics, view statistics on engagement and impressions and see how each post is performing.

Tap Into User-Generated Content

For many Instagram users, it’s all about the followers. And what better way to get followers than to have a small business give you a shout-out that reaches a whole new audience?

#Regram is the equivalent of a “share” on Facebook or a “retweet” on Twitter. And it’s a great incentive to get your followers to send in their own user-generated content featuring your products for the chance to have their photo sent out to your masses – with credit to the OP, of course!

Is Your Small Business #Instaworthy?

If you’ve been neglecting Instagram, the time is ripe to add it to your small business marketing toolbox. With millions upon millions of daily users ready and waiting to see what your brand has to say, it’s a social media platform that shouldn’t be ignored!

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