Be Small. Be Great.

Small businesses are awesome. We know that. You know that. But does the world know that?

It should.

That’s why we do what we do – every day. In that big chunk of time between getting up and falling asleep, we’re dedicated to making small businesses succeed.

Since we opened our doors almost three years ago, we’ve become experts at making small businesses stand apart from the masses. Looking for some tips? Read on!

Know your market niche.

Who do you serve? Does your small business create a Moscato that wine-lovers can’t resist, help runners achieve their race goals or provide cleaning services for small businesses? Whoever your core customers are, your small businesses can stand out if you just speak directly to them. Get noticed by sharing your passion and expertise on a specific segment of your market. Growth and brand recognition will be right in tow.

Offer unique products and services.

Use your understanding of your market niche to develop products and services that your competitors might not offer. The possibilities range from new products to packaging standard services in an innovative way. For example, when a soap company brought their detergent to a developing nation, they quickly learned that the U.S.-focused gallon containers weren’t selling. They were too expensive. They repackaged their product into simple, single-serving packages, and they sold like wildfire. What can your small business offer that your market urgently needs…and that no one else provides?

Have a strong, professional brand.

Many potential clients fear working with small businesses because they worry about a lack of professionalism and reliability. So it’s important to set yourself apart by establishing your small business as a serious, committed one. To do that, you need to build a strong small business brand. An attractive, focused website and well-defined product or service offerings can go a long way in helping prospective customers identify you as a solid, dependable company.

Prioritize communications.

Many small businesses are stretched thin. There’s not enough time, money or human resources to do everything that needs to get done. As a result, regular communications that build your small business brand, strengthen relationships with customers and attract leads can suffer. Simple touches, such as a well-written blog, e-newsletter, targeted sales pages and active social media pages, are critical for marketing and creating trust in your small business. Prioritize your communications efforts – putting them at the top of your always crowded pile – to help your business stand tall.

Is your small business in need of a little help with its marketing and branding? Contact us to learn how the Mischa Communications team can help with your ideation, branding, content development and more!